Boys Winter Coats

Boys Winter CoatsIf you are lucky enough to live in a moderate climate, the search for the perfect boys winter coat is probably an easy decision. For those of us, however, that choose to raise our youth in areas that see the thermometer frequently dip into negative territory, the decision is much more critical and absolutely essential. Luckily, a lot of manufacturers have realized this and the selection for girls winter coats and boys winter coats is amazing!

Boys Down Coats

Down remains one of our favorites for cold weather. It is warm and lightweight – No manmade fiber matches down in its warmth-to-weight ratio. And because it is also breathable, down allows unwanted moisture to escape. Due to its universal popularity, boys down coats are available in lots of colors and styles. Check Montkid’s selection of Patagonia boys down jackets.

Boys Synthetic Insulated Winter Coats

A lot of kids ski jackets and kids ski pantsmanufactures utilize synthetic insulation because it retains its heat retention properties even when wet! Also, the shell fabric used is a little tougher so it can take a pretty good beating without getting ripped. Even if your little guy doesn’t ski, don’t let that deter you from taking look at a hard core ski brand like Spyder or Obermeyer. These manufacturers test their garments in the most extreme conditions, which mean they’ll be just as great in the school yard, the sledding hill, or the annual trek to get the Christmas tree.

Boys Trendy Winter Coats

Of course we realize that a great majority of our customers look for fashionably warm winter coats for their boys. Again, this is a category on the move. In the past, there was not much to choose from if you wanted something unique and high end. Designers are realizing that mother’s like to dress their boys in fashionable children’s outerwear with coordinating accessories just as much as their girls. Montkid puts a lot of emphasis on creating head to toe looks with help from major fashion brands like Deux Par Deux and Bogner. View All Boy’s Jackets

Boys Winter Coats

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