Baby Swimsuits

Baby Swimsuits

Swim season is a great time for family fun. It is an activity that everyone – even baby loves! Make sure you are geared up with baby swimsuits, baby sun hats, baby swim diapers, baby footwear, and lots and lots of sunscreen! Shopping for baby swimsuits and accessories is easy when you know what to look for.

Cute Baby Swimsuits

Of course, montkid loves to specialize in cute baby swimsuits. This year we are excited to bring in a selection of designer swimsuits including Kate Mack swimsuits, Deux Par Deux swimsuits, Catimini swimsuits, and Small Paul swimsuits along with our Roxy swimsuits and Quiksilver and Billabong board shorts. These baby swimsuits allow a wide range of style options for you to choose from.

Baby Rash Guards

Baby girl bikinis and baby boy board shorts are stylish and adorable, but if your little ones are going to be in the sun all day, consider purchasing an infant rash guard or baby sun shirt to cover them up and provide extra protection. Most rash guards run so tiny that even a toddler size 2 will work for your 10-12 month old if you roll up the sleeves once. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen often even if they are wearing a sun shirt!

Baby Sun Hats

Baby’s head and face also need to be protected from the sun. Even if you have a sun umbrella, look for baby sun hats. Baby sun hats come in many, many adorable shapes and patterns. The larger the brim, the more shade it will provide. Chin straps help them stay on.

Baby Swim Diapers

For your littlest swimmers, baby swimsuits need to be accompanied with a swim diaper. Swim diapers themselves are getting cute enough to wear on their own. Check out montkid’s swim diaper selection from iplay.

Baby Sandals and Baby Swim Shoes

If you’re taking your baby swimming at the beach or the lake where their sensitive feet may be exposed to hot sand or gravel, consider some summertime baby footwear. There are a number of Baby Sandals, including the ones we carry from Teva that they can wear in and out of the water. Swim shoes are also great and offer protection and stability.

Now that you and your baby are fully equipped, it’s time to relax and spend hours at the swimming destination of your choice.

Baby Swimsuits