Baby Footwear

Baby FootwearOnce your baby is on the move, it’s time to get those wiggly piggies into some baby footwear!
Our favorite indoor baby footwear is either a soft soled shoe, or just a pair of socks! In Montana, where we have 9 months of winter, we love Smartwool Baby Socks. Because they are made of pure Merino wool, they have a nice thick cozy, comfortable feel to them. They don’t seem to slip off as easily as other brands we’ve tried, and they are knit in the USA!

When it comes to baby winter footwear, there are many options. For those still crawling, a sno-moc from Molehill Mountain is a great alternative to stiff boots. They easily slip on over their indoor soft soled shoes! They are not super insulated, but when paired with good socks, will keep babies feet warm and dry for a nice bit of outdoor playtime. Once they have graduated to being able to walk in snow, we love Sorel or, even better, Ugg Baby Boots. Our first preference is always
baby outerwear made from natural sources such as sheepskin, down, or wool. They have built in temperature regulating qualities!

Montkid is powered by a team of moms who have successfully navigated many cold Montana winters and we are happy to share our experiences, or advice! We have researched, tested, and reviewed products from the brands we carry. We know how it fits, and we can help you determine how best to keep your baby safe and protected from varying weather conditions.