family200pxLetter from the Mom,

I have two jobs. My first is as “momma” to 4 little girls (Ella, Ashlynn, Cambelle & Seeley). I didn’t think four children was an unreasonable number until I started trying to plan vacations. It seems most hotels think a family of 6 is entirely too many people in one room!

My second job is the owner of Montkid, a children’s boutique located in Bozeman, Montana that specializes in superior quality and fabulously fashionable kids outerwear and outdoor inspired clothing from brands like Bogner, Deux Par Deux, Patagonia, Spyder, Quiksilver, Roxy, Obermeyer and more! I started Montkid.com out of major frustration trying to find outerwear for my daughters that was high quality and somewhat stylish – since I’m the one looking at it every day! It was such a miserable, exhausting experience that I – along with the help of some magical people – built the Montkid.com web site and launched it less than a month later.

Four years later, I still try to personally answer several customer service questions a day, and if you call, chances are good you will to talk to me – a real person! As a result of all of this talking and measuring and comparing and contrasting, Montkid has built up a knowledge base of extensive information. We are experts at helping people choose children’s outerwear best suited to their needs and environment. We’ve also had personal experience with the gear and clothing we sell. We don’t have to rely solely on what the manufacturer tells us are important product features. We know what mittens keep our little ones fingers warm, what socks stay on, and what snowsuits a baby can actually move around in!

We’ve had this technical information available for years. What we are working on now, is providing head to toe looks to help you create entire outfits – similar to what you would find in a magazine spread. We are having a blast with this new project! I am finally able to admit my fashion addiction and talk freely about how cute a chunky knit hat is with a plaid coat, or the fit of our favorite yellow snow pants, without having the outdoor elite scowl at our frivolity (or maybe they still do and I just no longer care).

We hope you and your child enjoy your shopping experience at Montkid.com!